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How Driveline Gets Results

Assess. Train. Reassess

It all starts with an assessment. What do you do well? What’s holding you back?

Get a snapshot of exactly who you are as a hitter at this moment in time. We look to understand how you move and what your approach is.

Next, we build a plan so you can get the most out of your training days. And we retest at regular intervals to make sure you’re making progress.

Deeply understand your swing. Develop the best approach for you.

What Are Your Training Options?

Flexible Training

Get assessed when your season ends and get a plan for your off-season. Execute that plan back home and come back out to Driveline between November and February to work on last-minute adjustments before Spring Training.

Private Training

A small, dedicated group of professionals. Private training is a more hands-on approach, with a smaller athlete:trainer ratio and regular manual therapy work designed to accelerate your results.

Yearly Subscription

Best for professional hitters making regular in-season stops in Seattle, this option lets you drop-in our facility year-round and continue your training remotely. 

Professional Hitter Focuses

Pro Level Training Environment

Regular live at bats against pro pitchers, daily machine work against velocity and breaking balls, and randomized practice with short box, adjustability and decision making drills.

Swing Mechanics Re-Patterning Using Technology

High speed video, bat sensors and biomechanics analysis on a regular basis. Individual sessions with knowledgeable coaches that provide drills and time to work through changes that are stabilized by challenging those changes in a random practice environment.

Prepare for Full Pro Season

Prepare for competition by competing against it beforehand, becoming physically prepared with a strength and mobility routine, and gaining the confidence to get your swing back on track with video reference and a routine of drills that have been proven to work for you.

Assessment and Programming Breakdown

Complete Assessment

Your first week in the gym you will be assessed. The assessment includes a batted ball report to determine your strengths and weaknesses. The conclusions that are drawn from the assessment determine what drills and programs to complete daily and help to design an approach in live at bats.

Swing Analysis

Includes a strength and movement screen, bat motion metrics from Blast Motion, body kinematics from K-Vest, and high speed edgertronic footage. Eliminate guesswork from assessing your swing. Regular swing design sessions work on your swing individually and retest the components of your assessment.

Physical Screen

Strength testing utilizing bar speed tracking, range of motion analysis, and full assessment by our in house physical therapist. Understanding your strength and mobility deficits compliments your hitting program. Better movers have better swings. Our strength trainers and PTs work closely with the hitting trainers to develop programs that deliver the best results.

Want to Get Started?

Own Your Training

Sherman Graves quit baseball as a pitcher and returned to baseball as a hitter. Watch his journey here at Driveline.

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