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Personalized training to improve bat speed, contact, and approach

Increase bat speed, make consistent contact, have a sound approach

Bat Speed

Increase bat speed and exit velocity to hit for more power.

Bat to Ball

Improve your quality of contact to hit more tanks.

Swing Decisions

It’s not enough to swing fast. The best hitters make good swing decisions. 

Continuous Improvement

The best athletes are always getting better to stay ahead of the competition. Our trainers help you improve constantly, even during the season. 

Strategy and Game Planning

Stay empowered with information, coaching, and game planning. Receive guidance from a trusted source all year long.

swing decisions

Year-Round Competition

Experiment and find what works in live AB’s then transition to the season with a game plan, and coaching you can trust. 


Connect with us

We’re here to help guide you to the best training option.

Athlete Results

Maverick Handley

C, Baltimore Orioles

Spent 2020 training in-gym where he increased his bat speed 2.97mph.

Following the cancellation of the 2020 season, Handley decided to come train at Driveline. His initial assessment showed his peak bat speed not being utilized in-game. The goal of his training was to increase his power and bat speed.

His final assessment at Driveline showed an average increase of 2.97mph of bat speed, -8.78° average attack angle, and an increase of .88 hand speed.

Robbie Tenerowicz

2B, Cincinnati Reds

Spent 18 months training, signed with the Cincinnati Reds and ended his 2021 season with 14 HRs.

Tenerowicz had surgery, was cut by the Rays, and spent 18 months training at Driveline without playing in a competitive game.

Tenerowicz bat speed increased 2.7mph, his peak exit velocity increased 11.9mph, his average launch angle of hard hit balls increased 10.89°, and his average exit velocity increased 5.18mph.

He signed with the Cincinnati Reds organization and ended the 2021 season at .264/.351/.472 with 14 HR.

What our athletes are saying

“Driveline is the reason I’m going to big league camp!”


Maverick Handley

Catcher, Baltimore Orioles

This gave me the confidence that I was ready for anything and any pitcher I would face going into the season. I knew my swing was in a good place and all I had to do now was compete in the batter’s box.


Sebastian Greico

Coastal Alabama CC

“This has allowed me to fix issues that arise over the course of the season and continue to rake.”


Thomas Rudinsky

Westmont College
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