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How Driveline Gets Results

Assess, Train, Reassess

You bring the work ethic. We’ll give you a plan and environment to get the most from your effort. It all starts with an assessment.

What do you do well? What’s holding you back? We start with a snapshot of exactly who you are as a hitter at this moment in time.

Next, we build a plan so you can get the most out of your training days. Is the plan working? We retest at regular intervals to make sure you’re making progress. You have 1 career.

Deeply understand your swing. Develop the best approach for you.

What Are Your Training Options?

Summer Training

Competition plus development, a better way to spend your summer. Get assessed and learn what you need to work on. Then spend the summer executing your training plan and competing against like-minded, serious baseball players. When ready, a typical schedule is training 5 days a week and 1 day of competition.

Online Hitting

Not just a spreadsheet hitting program. Our remote hitting program integrates strength, programming, nutrition, and swing development. It requires serious commitment from athletes. Hard work and communication is a must to get the most out of this program. You bring the work and we will give you the best plan to become the player you want to be.

What is the Driveline Program?

Hitting Program

Our hitting training for high school hitters is geared towards two key areas: developing rotational power and improving overall movement patterns. The tools and programming you’ll be given focus on these two areas to optimize performance and help hitters develop both short and long term.

Training Days
  • Velocity: Velocity matters; being able to hit velocity matters just as much. Learning how to handle velocity at the plate means learning to maximize the efficiency of your swing.
  • Short Box: The best drill for a hitter is to have someone on the mound trying to get them out. On short box days, you’ll take live at bats versus Driveline employees who are actively trying to get you out. Get more at bats on one short box session than you would in a three game series.
  • Approach: You can have a perfect swing and still suck at hitting. Approach days enhance the scope of training for the hitter to focus on a specific pitch, part of the zone, or batted ball outcome. 
Training Tools
  • Warm-up and Recovery: There are many ways to improve as a hitter outside of the cage. Individualized warm-up and recovery methods target specific inefficiencies to improve a hitter’s mobility and stability capabilities.
  • Weighted Bats: Overload and underload bats improve kinematic sequencing, rotational power, as well as rotational speed and quickness.
  • Live At Bats: You can smash the machine, but can you get in the box and rip a double when a live arm is spotting up and mixing pitches?

Strength Training and Analysis

Strength Matters. Building a solid strength base is one of the most important things you can do as an athlete early on in your career. Our strength programming works hand-in-hand with our hitting programming and is the basis of your training with us.

Free Weights

Free Weights are the foundation of our High-Performance program, from conventional strength training to explosive constraint-led training. Efficient, repeatable mechanics and the athleticism required to swing hard is all built in the weight room. A foundation of general strength complements and improves the hitting-specific work.

Robust Training
  • Sprint/ImMotus Training: Elite athletes know how to move fast well. Our programs are front-loaded with explosive movement preparation and mixed with pure speed development depending on your strength levels.
  • Isometric/Eccentric Training: Often neglected in conventional baseball training programs, eccentric and isometric training improve durability of our athletes.

A Day in the Life of a Driveline Athlete

From morning to night, a Driveline athlete shows us what a typical training day at Driveline looks like as well as his mentality moving here for a summer.

Is Driveline A Good Fit For You?

Individual responsibility is incredibly important at Driveline Baseball.

We help hitters become independent by giving you access to your performance data and educating you on how to think about it.

We collect as much data on you as possible to give you the best plan to get results.

  • We train serious athletes. Serious athletes do not need to be reminded to consume sufficient protein, get enough sleep, or come in on time.
  • It is your responsibility to not train at high intent on your recovery days simply “because you feel good.”
  • It is your responsibility to sign up for sessions that fit within your schedule.
  • We do not strive to create a relationship where the athlete is codependent on us as a coach. We seek to be a bridge for dedicated athletes to learn how to own their careers and their results.

This Is Not for Everyone

You can expect us to test everything we present you with and hold ourselves to the standard of being the best hitting training program. Athletes fly from all over the country to train here for months at a time.

We don’t guarantee results. Most who train here get better. Some have not. We work every day to ensure that our athletes get better results, but we do not offer a silver bullet. If you are comfortable with the risk and work required to get better, we want to help you train.

Training at Driveline Baseball requires a mind willing to think, not blindly accept the answers handed down from a coach who “knows everything.” Trainers at Driveline Baseball will be the first to tell you if they don’t know. Complexity and unknown factors are things we embrace here.

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