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Proper Warmups For Weight Training

Our baseball athletes undergo a rigorous offseason workout schedule that incorporates a ton of heavy weight lifting – mostly done with barbells, but we use dumbbells for single-arm exercises (rows) and pressing (bench press with the neutral grip and the occasional push press) as well. Most of the athletes that I get come into the gym ready to go wearing shorts and a cotton t-shirt and ask “What’s first, coach?” Assuming that they’ve already passed their initial assessment that all my clients undergo, we talk to them about proper warmup procedures and ask them what they typically do to get ready for lifting some serious weight.

The responses are varied and interesting. Most include basic static stretching, maybe a little bit of running or elliptical trainer work, a few minutes on the Airdyne, and in some exceptional cases, yoga poses and actual dynamic range of motion work. However, no one has […]

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Thomas Test – Applications in Baseball

This video is an excellent explanation of the Thomas Test as used by physical therapists around the world:


We will often perform this test on clients over the age of 16. While it is traditionally used to test for a fixed flexion deformity of the hip (and we do check for this), we use it with baseball players to test for a tight rectus femoris because of the single-leg dominance that occurs on the pitcher’s stride leg. (For an RHP, this is their left leg.)

During the lead leg block phase of pitching, the stride leg straightens very quickly and bears all the weight of the pitcher’s body. To get to that point, the pitcher will have used his posting leg hip adductors to stride sideways and closed to the target. If this sounds like a muscle imbalance and problems waiting to happen, you’re right!

The pitching motion typically causes tight hip flexors […]

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