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Extreme Duty Weighted Ball Set

Extreme Duty Weighted Ball Set

Extreme Duty Sand-Filled Weighted Balls: From Oates’ Specialties, these sand-filled PVC-covered weighted balls are perfect for rebound throws, throws against concrete walls, or reverse tosses. We use two sets of them in our velocity development program and highly recommend them to all athletes!

4 lb. medball

Valeo 4 lb. Medicine Ball

Medicine Balls: Valeo makes the most durable and inexpensive line of medicine balls available. The most commonly used weight by our athletes at Driveline Baseball is the 4 lb. purple medball, available for less than $20 and ships free from Amazon. However, we also use heavier medicine balls as well, like the 10 lb. ball that also ships free from Amazon. I recommend picking up a 4 lb. and 10 lb. ball to do a variety of exercises with.


Bally 3 lb. Fitness Ball

Fitness Balls: Unlike medicine balls, fitness balls have pliable exteriors and the sand inside shifts around, making them unstable instruments to use. We use a 3 lb. fitness ball to work on segments of the pitching motion, particularly working the internal rotators and pronator teres muscle. This 3 lb. fitness ball comes in under $9 and ships free from Amazon – a must-have for any pitcher.