Why Driveline

Throw Harder and Stay Healthy

With Tested and Proven Pitching Training

Stop saying to yourself....

“…I feel like I can throw harder but I don’t know how to unlock my potential.”

“…I want to do more to help my pitchers, but I don’t know enough to try these new training methods safely.”

“…I’m willing to do whatever it takes to make it to the next level, but don’t know where to start or what to do.”


You know the world of pitching training:

Want to get better?

Typically, you have a few options: buy a $39 “Three Simple Drills to Throw 99.67 MPH” eBook or pay $100/lesson for an ex-pro to sit on a bucket and yell some cues at you.


“Get that arm up! Get that arm down! Buy my eBook! Come back next week–you’re real close!”


But, if you’re an athlete or a coach, you only have one career and you want to make it as good as you can.


You shouldn’t have to cobble together drills and tips from across the internet.


And you definitely shouldn’t have to entrust that career to coaches or trainers who can’t or won’t test their information to see if it passes the most important test:

Does it work?


In-House Research

In-house synchronized high-speed camera systems, EMG sensors, spin rate trackers allow us to continue to push the limits of what we know.


Advanced Ballistic Training

Training ballistically allows pitchers to increase both fastball velocity and arm health by
improving efficiency and fitness. Dozens of D1 colleges and pro athletes trust their programs and careers to us.

We have lived the pain of not knowing how to get better.

I'm Kyle Boddy, Driveline's founder, an oft-injured college player. When I started coaching JV baseball I had one question: "How do I help my pitchers get better without experiencing the same arm pain that I had?"

My Journey to the Answer (for now)

So as a JV coach I thought clearly science must have the answer…but after reading and reviewing 100+ anatomy, kinesiology and biomechanics textbooks and research papers to better understand pitching, the answers weren’t all there.


So the secret must be in learning “biomechanics”. But after building my own 4-camera lab to study the pitching motion, I realized that, while descriptive, watching video alone did not help the athlete improve.


So I started testing and retesting common pitching drills to find out what actually works. I included a lot of drills in our first program. And over the years, we have refined the program to include only the best of what we have found to be effective.


I wrote about our work on our blog and we’ve continued to improve our training programs every year. Not a year goes by that we haven’t changed something fundamentally in our MaxVelo program based on what we’ve learned. I expect that will continue.


Does Driveline work? Yes. We’ve cut away all of the training fluff to maximize your training and practice time.

And the results from 100s of athletes speak for themselves.

So what have we learned researching pitching since 2008?


You don’t have to spend a lot of money to get better. In fact, our simple, actionable weighted ball program is effective for gaining 3-4 MPH in 11 weeks.


You do have to commit. Sustaining velocity increases is a long-term physiological adaptation. The 20+ MPH increases come from athletes who train every day for years, and the big program overhauls are accomplished by coaches who are willing to foster a new training culture.


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