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A Custom-Built Plan to Get the
Most from Your Career.

How Driveline Gets Results

Assess. Train. Reassess.

It all starts with an assessment. What do you do well? What’s holding you back?

We start with a snapshot of exactly who you are as a pitcher at this moment in time. Next, we build a plan so you can get the most out of your training days. Is the plan working? We retest at regular intervals to make sure you’re making progress. You have 1 career. Don’t waste your reps.

What are your training options?


Get assessed when your season ends and get a plan for your off-season. Execute that plan back home and come back out to Driveline between November and February to work on last-minute adjustments before Spring Training.


A small, dedicated group of professionals. Private training is a more hands-on approach, with a smaller athlete:trainer ratio and regular manual therapy work designed to accelerate your results.


Best for professional pitchers making regular in-season stops in Seattle, this option lets you drop-in our facility year-round and continue your training remotely. 

Have Questions?

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No Two Athletes are the Same

Your assessment determines your training priority–command, velocity, secondary pitches, durability or a mix of all.

Pitch Design

Caleb Cotham

Caleb approached us in 2013 to work on developing velocity by changing his arm path. With improved, sustained velocity, Caleb made his Major League debut in 2015. Caleb’s plan shifted to maintaining that velocity and developing a better curveball. Read more here.

Post Injury Return to Performance

Casey Weathers

Casey came to us following two elbow surgeries and a drastic loss of velocity. He was cut in Spring Training throwing 88 mph. Over the course of several months, Casey regained his fastball velocity and improved his command. In 2015-16, he pitched at 96-98, touching 100 with a much-improved walk rate. Read more here and here.

Trey McNutt

Trey trained with us following shoulder surgery rehab and his release. During a high-intent throwing screen, he barely touched 88 from a crow hop. He spent several months regaining shoulder fitness and remapping his arm action. He sat 95 mph in indoor bullpens and signed at the end of the off-season. See more here.

Velocity Development & Biomechanical Analysis

Matt Boyd

Matt began doing Driveline’s programming at Oregon State. Beginning in 2015, he worked at our facility to add velocity, ending in his call-up to the Majors. Before the 2016 season he worked to maintain his velocity and add a slider to his pitch mix. See more here.

Dan Straily

Dan used the 2015-2016 offseason to regain his pitching velocity to allow his secondary pitches to play up. We used weighted baseballs, PlyoCare® throwing and pitch analysis to aid his training. In 2016, he had one of the best years in his career. Read more here.

Want to Get Started?

What is the Driveline Program?

Pitching Program

Our throwing training modulates three key training periods by intent and uses a mix of training tools, fit your dedication levels and time of year.

Training Days
  • Velocity: Velocity matters. Learning how to throw hard means learning to sequence your body to throw the ball hard.
  • Hybrid: Change your pitching mechanics and learn to throw efficiently. These days blend elements of command, velocity, efficiency.
  • Recovery: Prepare for the heavy training days that lie ahead of you with an easy, low impact day.
Training Tools
  • Warm-up and Recovery: Learn to prepare yourself to train and compete. Recover from your work that day to get ready for tomorrow. Serious athletes take warm-up and recovery seriously–and it is well over 50% of our program.
  • Weighted Balls: Overload and underload ball throwing helps both remap mechanics and recruit the ability to throw harder.
  • Mound Work: Do you have it when it matters? Our training is all geared towards improving mound performance-and that includes executing in a highly competitive training environment.

Strength Training & Analysis

Strength Matters. We optimize for rotational power, speed-strength, and transferable results to the mound.

Specialized Training
  • Sprint/ImMotus Training: Elite athletes know how to move fast well. Our programs are front-loaded with explosive movement preparation and mixed with pure speed development depending on your strength levels.
  • Isometric/Eccentric Training: Often neglected in conventional baseball training programs, eccentric and isometric training improve durability of our athletes.
Free Weight Training

Free Weights are the foundation of our High-Performance program, from conventional strength training to explosive constraint-led training. Efficient, repeatable mechanics and the athleticism required to throw hard is all built in the weight room. A foundation of general strength complements and improves the throwing-specific work.

Pitch Design & Analysis

With the best pitch tracking technology and high-speed Edgertronic cameras, we develop specific pitch-improvement plans and track your improvements over time. Pitches are designed in the lab and then trained until they are game-ready.

Pitch Flight Data

Pitch physics tools like Rapsodo, Trackman, and Pitchf/x, combined with our own in-house analysis tools, help you understand if certain pitches in your arsenal are being over- or under-utilized. Get a data-driven plan on what to throw often and what to shelve.

High Speed Video

Driveline utilizes Edgertronic cameras that pick up how your fingers release the ball to build better pitches step-by-step. More than just trying new grips, we can analyze how a certain pitch comes out of your hand and the flight of the ball. that gives you a lot of feedback on how to improve that pitch by helping you see what you feel.

Own Your Own Training

Athlete Casey Weathers looks back on his career and what it means to take control of your training.

I was trying to choose between a lot of pitching programs. When it came time to make a decision I thought about it like this, [other pitching coach] knows the program works. Kyle knows the program works and knows why it works. And that’s why I chose to train at Driveline.

Casey Weathers
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