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Train with experienced coaches, get yourself ready to dominate at the next level. Academy Online is tailored for 9U-14U athletes.



1 on 1 monthly meetings with your trainer.

  • Set quantifiable, stretch goals
  • Discuss realistic progress, and future projections


  • Yearly training plan
  • Mirrors the in-gym Academy training
  • Training plan is molded to fit each athlete’s schedule and training/playing history
  • Programming accommodations based on your training space and equipment


  • Collecting throwing velocity often, not just on velo days
  • Collecting swing data w/ Blast: bat speed, attack angle, etc
  • Goals are set objectively, leveraging the metrics we can track, driving aggressively towards improvement and longevity

Fun athletic training using Long Term Athletic Development Model

  • Enforcing athletic habits
  • Using games/fun challenges to drive engagement and enthusiasm

Regular Trainer Communication

A direct line of communication to a trainer with a vast knowledge of baseball from a playing and technical perspective.


Full access to our proprietary software TRAQ to receive your training programming, record velocity and store training videos to keep track of your progress over time.


When your schedule gets hectic with the events and obligations life throws at you, your trainer will make sure your training fits as efficiently as possible.





“He had no programming experience whatsoever, and had never been on any sort of travel team and have always been sort of against it. He picked it up right away, it also melded with his brain as far as being able to follow some sort of prescribed daily schedule to go through. It was really helpful getting into TRAQ, he could start doing the plan and seeing gains from it. It was super, super valuable for him; laying things out how you did.”
Father to Jack

“Totally invaluable to have a trainer that we can bounce things off of. That we can send videos, or pictures, or ask questions asynchronously; but be able to get feedback quickly. We can take video, send Blast data and get feedback from someone who’s more of a professional than I am.”
Father to Christopher



I first started with Driveline when I was still playing. I trained in Seattle starting in January of 2018. I was there on and off until I stopped playing in the summer of 2019. I started working with Driveline on the youth side pretty soon after that in the fall of 2019.
I’ve been with the Academy Online program since its early days as Youth Online Baseball Development!  In the early days I was the only trainer. I’ve had the chance to see the program grow and become what it is as Academy Online with multiple trainers and new athletes every day!
Outside of my work with Academy Online I am the pitching coach at McKendree University in Lebanon, Illinois. I love working with college kids but its always nice to keep working with youth athletes through Academy Online! Something so pure about kids going out and playing some ball!

Kit Larson

I am a current head coach for the 12U Driveline Academy team in Seattle. I’m also a former member of the San Francisco Giants coaching staff as a video coaching assistant. During my playing career, I played collegiate baseball as a right-handed closer from 2012-2017. I played at three schools; Lee University,  NC State and Santa Barbara City college. In 2014, I was named SBCC’s Scholar Athlete of the year and made the All American. Previously, I have coached at the little league and high school level and also work as a freelance video professional.

Alexander Combs

My journey at Driveline began in late 2021 while pitching at Green River a local Junior College. I currently pitch each summer in the Pacific international League for the North West Honkers. At Driveline, I started out as an assistant coach within the Academy. Working with all ages, I was able to continue to learn as a coach and improve my skills before stepping up to become a head coach in early 2022. I am currently the head coach for one of our 13U teams as I continue my dynamic journey here at Driveline.

Curran Jacobs

I am an active college baseball player going into my senior year at the University of Massachusetts-Dartmouth. I have most recently played baseball for Pierce College in WA and the Orleans Firebirds in the Cape Cod Baseball League during the 2023 college and summer ball seasons. I first came to Driveline in July 2021 to train. After getting injured, I chose to stay at Driveline to rehab and got a job with the Youth Academy. Over the past two years, I have worked as a an assistant coach and High Performance trainer for the Youth Academy, and am currently an Online Trainer.

Aaron Newton

I first came to Driveline in the fall of 2022, looking for a new summer team for my final year of select ball. I trained as an 18u academy athlete all the way through August of 2023. Now, I am at Skagit Valley College continuing my playing career as a two-way player while I look to get into the coaching world. I’m very passionate about coaching, and excited to work with youth ballplayers.

Connor Reynolds

Graduating from Brighton Highschool in 2015, I played at Garden City CC & Northeastern State before starting a coaching career in 2018. After working with players of all ages, all around the Colorado Denver Metro Area I accepted an internship position with Driveline in the Hitting Department in April 2023. Following the internship I was brought on with Academy as the Team Development Coordinator.

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