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In-Gym Hitting

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Bat Speed

Increase bat speed and exit velocity to hit for more power so you can do more damage in the box.


Catch more barrels and improve your smash factor by focusing on quickness into the zone, length through the zone and adjustability.

Swing Decisions

It’s not enough to swing fast. The best hitters make good swing decisions. Customize an approach tailored to your strengths.

In-gym hitting available in Kent, WA and Phoenix, AZ

Full Assessment

Serving as the foundation for in-gym training, the assessment gives trainers the opportunity to collect baseline data on strength, mobility, and skills to pinpoint areas for you to improve.

Hit in Driveline’s gold-standard motion capture lab. Trainers will use this one-of-a-kind information to program specific drills and design customized training programs to make you more dangerous at the plate.

hitting mocap
athlete meetings

Test-Retest Model

Our mission at Driveline is to help you become the best baseball player you can be. In order to do that, trainers employ a rigorous test and retest protocol with all of our athletes.

At Driveline, there is no guessing.  All of your training is tracked, monitored, and constantly reiterated to ensure you are developing and improving. 

Live-At Bats

Compete against collegiate and professional arms during Live ABs. How does your training translate to the game? You’ll quickly find out.


Get world-class coaching that’ll help you swing harder, hit the ball farther and achieve more.

position player throwing program


Turn your arm into a weapon with Driveline position player throwing programs. 

Increase your arm strength, improve arm fitness, and train your body to make quick, accurate, and hard throws when the game demands it.


We focus on the three major components of catching— receiving, throwing, and blocking—which will be built into your daily training and programming. Get graded bullpens, improve pop-time, accuracy and more.

Together, we’ll turn you into a force at the plate, and behind it. 

catching program

State-of-the-Art Weight Room

We have 8+ racks, force plates, and a turfed area to allow you to warm-up, recover, and execute your strength program with plenty of space.

On-site Physical Therapy

Every athlete has daily access to our full-time physical therapist to reduce individual risk factors.

Take the next step in your career.

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