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Team Pitcher Development Reports provide coaches and pitchers with accurate, easy to understand information tailored to each individual athlete that will result in improvement of on-field performance.

TRAQ users can find a coupon code to reduce the price to $499 in the TRAQ dashboard. They may also e-mail support@drivelinebaseball.com for the coupon code.

There are 3 sections on the report:

  • Mechanical Analysis
  • Pitch Design Recommendations
  • Pitch Location Recommendations

Mechanical Analysis

Coaches receive our perspective on each of their pitcher’s deficiencies, notes on how we’d train them in-gym, and videos that add visuals to those notes to help explain the concepts. Since January 2018, we have collected hundreds of thousands of data points on tests and retests of thousands of pitchers ranging from youth to big-leaguers.

As our data (and ability to analyze that data) grew, so did our understanding of what really matters in pitching mechanics. While our trainers analyzing video can’t get as exact as our motion capture lab, they can still deliver impactful suggestions on a pitcher’s mechanics.

Pitch Design Recommendations

Our analytics team developed a tool that takes outcomes from almost a million pitches, finds the pitches that are similar to pitches we input, and calculates what changes to make to improve the quality of the inputted pitches. Get realistic pitch design recommendations that will make impactful changes in the quality of your pitchers’ pitches.

Pitch Location Recommendations

This tool takes outcomes from over 3.5 million pitches, finds the pitches that are similar to pitches we input, and then calculates the batted ball outcomes for that pitch thrown anywhere in the zone.

The data is then presented as a heat map that shows where that pitch performed well, and where it didn’t with simple and accurate plots


We created the Team Hitting Development Report to provide coaches with another tool to help them make their hitters better. The reports provide coaches with individualized and easy to understand information highlighting strengths, and weaknesses for each player, as well as how their data stacks up against professional averages. 

TRAQ users can find a coupon code to reduce the price to $499 in the TRAQ dashboard. They may also e-mail support@drivelinebaseball.com for the coupon code.

There are 4 sections on the report:

  • Swing metric analysis 
  • Batted ball analysis 
  • Swing analysis using video 
  • Drill and training suggestions 

Swing Metric Analysis

The report provides hitters with a full breakdown of their swing metrics and how their bat moves through space using a bat sensor. Whether you use Blast Motion, Diamond Kinetics, Motus Batting you will be able to see what your hitters are good at, how they can improve and how they compare to their peers.

Batted Ball Analysis

The report breaks down each batter’s batted ball metrics and explains how they stack up against professionals. This analysis can be done with any way you track batted ball data (HitTrax, Rapsodo, Trackman, etc.) We use this information to track peak and average exit velocities, average launch angle and launch angle on hard hit balls, swing depth and how each hitter hits the ball to different parts of the field and in different parts of the strike zone. 

Swing Analysis

This is where our trainers will tie everything together. In this section of the report, Driveline hitting trainers will look at each hitter’s video and break down how they are moving. With the video, the trainer will highlight any swing flaws and explain how the swing flaws tie into their batted ball and swing metrics.

Drills and Training Suggestions

Each hitter will receive specific training implements and suggested drills we use at Driveline to develop our hitters. The goal is to make your life easier as a coach by eliminating the guesswork. Receive a detailed report down each player and to help you decide the most effective way to get the most out of your practice time.


What data do you require and/or prefer for coaches to turn in?

Pitching: At minimum, we require a side view slow motion video of each pitcher’s mechanics at a high intensity (smartphone video is fine), as well as a Rapsodo report of each pitcher at a high intensity (cleaned of any misreads)

Hitting: At minimum, slow motion video (smartphone video is fine) and bat sensor data for each athlete is required. Batted ball data is preferred if you have it available. 

What level are these reports best for – youth, high school, college, pro?

These reports are best for high school, college, and pro athletes.

What if I have a question about the report after I receive it?

Please send all questions to Customer Relations by email or by phone at support@drivelinebaseball.com or 425-523-4030. Customer Relations can answer most questions. If they need any assistance on technical questions they will forward it to a trainer, then deliver the trainer’s response to you.

What is the number of reports with a single purchase?

We will process up to 12 pitchers or 10 hitters on a single purchase.

Can I request reports next year without having to purchase again?

If you’d like more reports, you will have to purchase them again.

Coach Certification

Driveline Coaches Certification
We offer four coaches certification courses: The Foundations of Pitch Development, Basics of Pitch Design, Foundations of Hitting, and Youth Baseball Development.
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