Driveline Midwest Fall Event

Driveline Fall Event – Fort Wayne


Driveline’s Premier Midwest Event


More than a 3-day “camp”. 3 days of evaluation + the equipment and remote programming to make the changes stick.


Exclusive observer access to the training sessions and a 3-hour presentation and Q&A with Kyle Boddy, Jason Ochart and Matt Daniels.


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Product Description

October 20-22 – Fort Wayne, IN


Driveline Staff Instructors/Presenters:

Driveline Founder, Kyle Boddy

Lead Pitching Trainer, Matt Daniels

Director of Hitting, Jason Ochart


3-Day Event

During the event, players will be going through the same 3-day assessment and on-boarding procedure that we use at Driveline.

  • -Skill Assessment (Hitting or Pitching)
  • -Strength/Mobility Assessment
  • -Discussion of Athlete Goals and Limiting Factors

Our Indiana Chargers Midwest Event is always more than just a 3-day “camp”. This on-boarding process is directly integrated into 3 months of our remote programming. What you learn in those 3 days (and what we learn about you) can be consistently applied at home and we can make adjustments as you develop.



  • Hitting & Strength assessments
  • Video Analysis
  • HitTrax 
  • 3-months of Driveline Programming – both on-going programming and trainer support
  • Equipment: Set of Axe Bats and Hitting PlyoCare Set + position player throwing kit (a $1100+ value)



  • Throwing & Strength assessments
  • Video Analysis
  • 3-months of Driveline Programming – both on-going programming and trainer support
  • Equipment: Hacking the Kinetic Chain (Advanced Pitching), PlyoCare Ball Set, Weighted Baseball Set, 5kg Leather Wrist Weight, Jaeger Sports J-bands, and a Recovery Mini-Trampoline



  • Exclusive presentation and Q&A session on Saturday, October 21st, 1:30-4:30pm.
  • Observer access to the training sessions Friday-Sunday.




Friday, Oct. 20th, 6:30-9:30 pm

*Saturday, Oct. 21st, 9am-12 pm

*Sunday, Oct. 22nd, 9-11 am


*Coaches Seminar – 1:30-4:30 pm Saturday afternoon – Snacks and drinks will be provided. Driveline staff will hold an upper-level presentation for high school and college coaches. The seminar will end with a Q & A session. The Coaches Seminar on Saturday afternoon will be at AWP Sports.




AWP Sports*

1095 W. Rudisill Blvd.

Fort Wayne, IN 46807

*Note: The facility is located at The Summit


Accommodations available at a group rate. Contact IN Chargers: 734-751-3321 or

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Athlete – Pitcher, Athlete – Hitter, Coach – Single, Coaches – 2, Coaches – 3


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