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Sign up for a TRAQ profile account to receive pitching, hitting, and strength workouts using our base-level templates.

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Inflating Plyo Balls ®

Plyo Balls ® may lose air during transit or storage, or over time and use. Make sure your Plyo Balls ® are properly inflated. If you notice your Plyo Balls ® don’t have the right amount of air in them, you can easily re-inflate them with any standard air pump.

Free Programming Resources

8 Week Weighted Ball Program

Youth Armcare Program

Driveline Command Program

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Youth Practice Guide

Additional Resources

Wrist Weight Drills Cheat Sheet

Plyo Ball ® Drills Cheat Sheet

Throwing Plyo Ball ® Drills (Video)

Hitting Plyo Ball ® Drills (Video)

Weighted Baseball Tracking sheet

Plyo Ball ® Tracking Sheet

Coaches Certifications


Online Training

For an individualized training program, sign up for our Online Training Program to receive throwing or hitting, strength, and mobility workouts from an assigned online trainer to improve your performance and take your game to the next level!


TRAQ is our programming software for athletes, coaches, and facility owners. Build workouts, collect data, create reports, and integrate technology like Rapsodo, Blast, HitTrax, Diamond Kinetics, Pocket Radar and more! Coaches can sign up for a TRAQ facility account to program up to 20 athletes for free!


Monitor your throwing workload to optimize performance and reduce the risk of injury with the PULSEthrow Workload Monitor. Football players can monitor their throws with the PULSEqb.

Tag each throw and keep track of your workload information within the PULSEdash platform.

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