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  1. What is the first thing I should do after unboxing?
    • Place the sensor on the charger to get it to a full charge, and record the serial number from the sticker on top of the sensor. These are used to connect the sensor to your mobile device and can wear off over time. If you have multiple sensors, you can make a permanent mark on the sensor and record the serial number that corresponds to that mark on a notepad, whiteboard, or on a hard drive.
  2. How do I put the strap and sensor on?
    • You can get started with the video to the left. Make sure the sensor is two-finger widths below your elbow.
  3. How often should I charge my PULSE Sensor?
    • Anytime it is not in use, the sensor should be put on the charger. You should only wear the sensor when throwing.
  4. How do I connect my sensor and sync my data?
    • To transfer the throw data to your account, we will first need to connect the sensor through Bluetooth. Once you associate a primary sensor to an account, your device will automatically search for that sensor.
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