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Driveline trains thousands of athletes every year, and consistently delivers the best results. In collaboration with Driveline R&D/Software departments, our trainers and coaches have built toolbox, called EDGE, to make them more effective at their jobs. By utilizing EDGE, an athlete, coach, or analyst can stand on the shoulders of Driveline’s brightest minds and leverage the insights that have taken years to acquire. 

After you purchase EDGE, Driveline support will contact you to set up  EDGE access for one year. If you would prefer to pay monthly, please sign up here.

To get the absolute most out of what Driveline can provide, we recommend purchasing TRAQ X, which includes not only all of the listed EDGE features, but also PULSE Dash Pro, TRAQ S, plus exclusive EDGE reports. 


What is EDGE? 

EDGE is an analytical engine built by Driveline trainers for athletes, coaches, and analysts. 


What’s in the EDGE toolbox? 

  • Spin-Visualization 
  • Spin-Transition 
  • Spin-Comparison 
  • Pitch-Visualization

  • Contact Tracker

  • Drag-Conversion (1-pitch, and CSV) 
  • Distance Conversion (1-pitch and CSV) 
  • Spin-Efficiency Proxy/Estimator (1-pitch, CSV) 
  • The Blob
  • Pitch-Charts 
  • Hit-Charts

  • Pitch-Locations 

TRAQ X exclusive reports 

  • Pitch-Recommendation 
  • Driveline Hitting Snapshot 
  • Driveline Pitching Snapshot 
  • Swing-Profile 

Want to learn more about TRAQ X? Schedule a free demo today! 


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