Driveline Training Philosophies

Assess. All training plans start with an assessment of your biomechanics, your pitch arsenal, your strength and power output, and your physical capacity. Before we write a program, we want to understand you.

Train. We build your plan, you execute it. We have a training environment that you have to experience to believe–a group of good, motivated athletes all pulling for each other and competing against each other. It’s unlike anywhere else.

Reassess. Did our program work? Did you execute your objectives? Are you prepared to compete on the field? We retest you at regular intervals to make sure you’re seeing results and make adjustments for the road ahead.

What Are Your Training Options?


  • Biomechanical assessment in our Driveline Sports Science Lab
  • Individual Velocity, Pitch Design, and Arm Health training programs all powered by data and technology. 
  • Brand new, 45k sq ft facility w/ 80 ft plyo-wall and 12,000 sq. ft. weight room. 
  • Individualized Strength programming and Training built off of findings in our High-Performance Assessment
  • Unrivaled training culture


  • Receive throwing and lifting training written for your specific needs and situation, with your workload, volume, and intensity monitored by your own personal Driveline Pitching Trainer
  • Learn how pitching mechanics work. We will teach you what really matters in throwing and apply that to your mechanics
  • Analyze your in-game performance alongside your Driveline Pitching Trainer, improving your knowledge and ability of how and when to use your pitches against hitters
  • Communicate and collaborate with your Driveline Pitching Trainer on any topics you have questions on


  • At a premium, athletes receive highly-specific programming and training covering findings from athletes’ biomechanics report, pitch design cataloging, mobility screen, and more.
  • A more hands-on approach, with a smaller athlete:trainer ratio and regular manual therapy work designed to accelerate your results.
  • Reach out to [email protected] for more information.
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What is the Driveline Program?

Pitching Program

Our throwing training for high school pitchers is geared towards two key areas mechanical efficiency and arm care. The tools and programming you will be given focus on these two areas to optimize your performance and help you develop in the short and long-term

Training Days

  • Velocity: Velocity matters. Learning how to throw hard means learning to sequence your body to throw the ball hard.
  • Hybrid: Change your pitching mechanics and learn to throw efficiently. These days blend elements of command, velocity, efficiency.
  • Recovery: Prepare for the heavy training days that lie ahead of you with an easy, low impact day.

Training Tools

  • Warm-up and Recovery: Learn to prepare yourself to train and compete. Recover from your work that day to get ready for tomorrow. Serious athletes take warm-up and recovery seriously–and it is well over 50% of our program.
  • Weighted Balls: Overload and underload ball throwing helps both remap mechanics and recruit the ability to throw harder.
  • Mound Work: Do you have it when it matters? Our training is all geared towards improving mound performance-and that includes executing in a highly competitive training environment.

Strength Training and Analysis

Strength Matters. Building a solid strength base is one of the most important things you can do as an athlete early on in your career. Our strength programming works hand-in-hand with our throwing programming and is the basis of your training with us.

Free Weight Training

  • Free Weights are the foundation of our High-Performance program, from conventional strength training to explosive constraint-led training. Efficient, repeatable mechanics and the athleticism required to throw hard is all built in the weight room. A foundation of general strength complements and improves the throwing-specific work.

Free Weight Training

  • Sprint/Impulse Training: Elite athletes know how to move fast well. Our programs are front-loaded with explosive movement preparation and mixed with pure speed development depending on your strength levels.
  • Isometric/Eccentric Training: Often neglected in conventional baseball training programs, eccentric and isometric training improve durability of our athletes.

Is Driveline A Good Fit For You?

Individual responsibility is incredibly important at Driveline Baseball.

We help pitchers become independent by giving you access to your performance data and educating you on how to think about it.

We collect as much data on you as possible to give you the best plan to get results.

  • We train serious athletes. Serious athletes do not need to be reminded to consume sufficient protein, get enough sleep, or come in on time.
  • It is your responsibility to not throw at high intent on your recovery days simply “because you feel good.”
  • It is your responsibility to sign up for sessions that fit within your schedule.
  • We do not strive to create a relationship where the athlete is codependent on us as a coach. We seek to be a bridge for dedicated athletes to learn how to own their careers and their results.

Take control of your career.

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