Welcome to Driveline’s pitching research page

Here is where we will start our review of studies and their relation to baseball.

You can see a longer list of the studies we have collected here.

If have any interesting studies to share you can send them to support@drivelinebaseball.com and we may review and post them with attribution.

How to use this page:

We do our best to experiment and validate much of the research that we read. We will link to the abstract of each paper to encourage you to do your own investigation/observation/experimentation. These studies should be taken as a jumping point for your own research. Each is simply a piece of the puzzle not law of the land.

“If you don’t experimentally validate research you picked up out of a textbook or published paper, that’s not science. That’s faith.”

Weighted Ball Training

Reviews of peer reviewed research involving many forms of weighted ball training.


Short Reviews of peer reviewed biomechanics based pitching research.

Pitching Mechanics

Research on the kinetic chain and pitching mechanics.

Long Toss

Research specifically on long toss.

Baseball Reviews

Research on a variety of baseball content, including performance, age, and testing measures.

Pitching Mechanics

Research on the kinetic chain and pitching mechanics.

Youth Pitchers

Research on youth pitching mechanics and injury factors.

Elbow Injuries and Tommy John

Research on Tommy John rates of return and performance as well as other elbow injuries.

Shoulder Injuries

Research on the scapula and shoulder strength and injury risk factors.

Verbal Cues

Research on communicating with athletes through cueing


Research on different recovery modalities (Marc Pro, EMS) and Heart Rate Variability (HRV)

Ground Reaction Forces

Research on the lower half and ground reaction forces in the pitching delivery.

Weight Room and Workouts Training

Research on lifting and medicine ball work in relation to baseball.

Other Throwing Sports

Research on other throwing sports that may have relatable findings to baseball.