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ProplayAI’s PitchAI is live inside TRAQ. Generate biomechanical reports using your phone.

How do I get PitchAI?

To access the PitchAI analysis and reports, you will need to create a Facility account in TRAQ rather than an Athlete account.

Our Basic TRAQ facility subscription is FREE. It will allow you access to three PitchAI reports a month with all of the features of an Athlete account, plus the ability to have up to 20 athletes with custom workouts.

How to get started:

What is PitchAI?


How long does it take to get access after I register?

24 to 48 hours.

I am registered as an athlete, can I use PitchAI?

Register for a facility using an alternate email and email in and we will move the athlete account over and sync PitchAI.

Does the height and weight in TRAQ have to be correct?

It could cause an error but them being blank is okay. Right now, changing it in TRAQ does nothing, we have to relay those changes to PitchAI.

Will this work for walking windups / flatground?

Flatground is fine but there has to be a discernible leg lift, so step backs and drop steps cause errors.

PitchAI Troubleshooting

  • Needs to be shot in landscape
  • Needs to be slow-motion
  • Too dark
  • Handedness in TRAQ does not match handedness in video
  • Video starts too late, needs to include the whole pitch
  • Video starts too early, too much lag time before leg lift
  • Need to refresh the page
  • Need to wait 30 minutes
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