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Structured Throwing Drills for Baseball Players

For Athletes and Teams (9U+)

“I wish I had known about this sooner.”

A college senior seeing his career come to an end. A minor leaguer who has scuffled through the early stage of his career.

A lot of our athletes seeing the end of their careers just wish they had more time to apply the lessons learned through the Driveline program:

  • A simple but effective warm-up and recovery plan
  • Constraint-based throwing drills that help athletes learn more efficient throwing mechanics

As a young baseball player, you need something that will augment the fun of the game by prioritizing good habits. 

Fear in Youth Baseball

If you are the parent of a young baseball player, you know there is an incredible amount of fear and competing viewpoints in the baseball world.

Adding to that, how should you balance the long-term development of your son’s baseball career with the desire to win games and be good NOW?

Guiding Principles

To this difficult and personal decision, there are no stock answers. However, there are some basic principles that form the bedrock of our youth programming.

  1. Learn good movements. Learning a good set of throwing drills and mechanics early in life can reduce injury risk over the long-term but also save time from having to learn completely new fundamentals as an older athlete.
  2. Have a plan. Just learning “before I throw, I do these drills and, after I throw, I do those drills” can give a young athlete a big compound advantage. With that structure in hand, they will have the basis of a routine.
  3. Promote fun. Baseball is a fun game. So much fun is abstracted away when you fill a kid’s head with 10,000 mechanical checkpoints. You lose the athleticism and freedom to let the young athlete solve a movement problem for himself.

Here’s what you get for free

Our Get Started Guide to Youth Arm Care: A Daily Plan

1-Page Drill Explainer Sheet. Take with you to practice.

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