A Structured, Individualized Program To Best Suit Your Needs

Driveline Hitting Online Training

Why Driveline Online Hitting

We know that a lot of hitters want to train with us but simply can’t move up to Washington to train in our gym and one thing we’ve learned over the years is that every athlete is different. Their swing flaws are unique, their areas for improvement are their own, and every athlete in our gym has a personalized training program. I wasn’t willing to offer a web-based hitting program that didn’t offer the same amount of individuality, so we built our own software.

Custom Software

Driveline remote hitters use the same app to share video, log workouts and speak with our training staff.

Our training is designed to work with your current practice schedule. What’s the point of layering extra work on top athletes who are already expecting to perform?

But, for athletes looking to get more out of their season, Online Hitting and it’s ability to view your training history can help you develop as the year goes on.

Integrated Strength Training

Not all swing issues need a mechanical fix. Sometimes your physical limitations cause a mechanical issue. 

By creating both your strength and hitting programs to work best with your practice schedule, we can ensure that both your batting practice and weight room time are as effective as possible.

Frequently Asked Questions

What comes with the program?

Each program comes with an individualized hitting and strength program. 

Do I need a set of Axe Bats to complete the program?

While recommended, this program is open to any hitter regardless of equipment. 

Can I fit this in to my already busy practice schedule?

Starting a program like this is not the best fit for every athlete. If you can get in 3 batting practice sessions per week (either at or away from practice), you can get value out of this program.

How do I stay in touch with my trainer?

Our training app has a chat feature to speak with our trainers. We also do bi-weekly video reviews with athletes (or as they request them).

Here’s What You Get

A Custom, Individualized, Day to Day Program From Warm Up to Drill Work To Recovery Work

Video Analysis To Better Understand You As a Hitter and What You Need To Work On.

A Constant Line of Communication With Your Trainer