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Biomechanics Services

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Flexible Solutions Trusted by Industry Leaders

Driveline has consulted with MLB organizations to help process their markerless data and make their motion capture investments come to life. Our pipelines can be applied across several markerless technologies including Hawkeye, Kinatrax, Theia3D, and Simi.

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Applied Insights That Are Proven to Lead to Success

Driveline’s Advantage Plan athletes outperform their Steamer projections by .5-.75 WAR, in large part due to the applied insights and targets generated by our motion capture lab.

Unlike many other services within the industry, we use and stress-test our pipelines every day to get our players better. As a result, our advantage in biomechanical insights is proven to play out at the highest level year after year.

Proprietary Performance Models

With models, reports, and dashboards that help quantify and visualize concepts such as deception, expected velocity, the quality of a player’s mechanics, and player biomechanical comparables, Driveline’s unmatched expertise in applied biomechanics brings clients to the forefront of the combination of analytics and human movement.

Deliverables for All Ages and Talent Levels

At Driveline, we have collected motion capture data on an unprecedented number pitches (over 100,000) across a population of players ranging from former MVP and Cy Young award winners to U9 academy athletes.

The wealth of our vast database gives us unparalleled opportunities to learn more about the game of baseball.

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If you would like to see how we can help turn your motion capture data into insights, email support@drivelinebaseball.com.

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