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Arm Care for Position Players
Written by JP Fasone – Hitting Trainer In my experience, position players rarely go the whole season without arm pain. …read more
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Quantifying Baseball Pitch Grips
By Chris Langin, Pitching Coordinator Pitch grips spark a special interest among pitchers – fueled by stories of pitchers developing …read more
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Youth Baseball Practice Plans: Introducing the Skills that Scale
Below is an excerpt from our upcoming book: Youth Baseball Games: Skills that Scale On its surface, creating a practice …read more
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Changes in Ball Weight: A Method for Athlete Individualization
By Stephen Hart, Pitching Coordinator Over the years, we’ve come to notice a trend among certain athletes, especially our amateur …read more
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Pitch Design: What is Stuff+? Quantifying Pitches with Pitch Models
By Chris Langin, Pitching Trainer The art of “pitching” has many variables associated with it, some easily quantifiable… others not …read more

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