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We're Hiring

Yep, we’re hiring here at Driveline Baseball. We’re looking for students who are about to start their junior or senior years in college/university who are focusing on kinesiology and/or biomechanics. (Recent grads are OK too!)

Applicants will be:

  • Familiar with the overhand throwing motion
  • Strong with anatomical terms
  • Experienced with kinematic/kinetic analysis software packages (KAvideo, HU-M-AN, Kinovea, etc)
  • Experienced with high-speed video capture
Applicants who match the following criteria will go to the front of the line:
  • Based in or around Seattle, Washington
  • Attend a local university in Seattle
  • Have experience with high-speed videography/photography
  • Have prior baseball playing experience

Please send your cover letter and resume to [email protected] with a brief description of projects that you’ve worked on in the past.

Compensation is commensurate with experience and level of education – remember, this is an internship that has the possibility of turning into a long-term consulting gig.

We’re looking for someone who can help design and build-out the Driveline Baseball motion capture laboratory to help eliminate and prevent pitching injuries in youth pitchers. Will it be you?

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