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Disconnected Pitching Mechanics – A Good Thing?

With the proliferation of tools like the TAP Connection Ball (something we use on a fairly regular basis, I might add – just not exactly how Ron Wolforth does) and the writings of Paul Nyman’s PCR methods (Posture-Connection-Rotation), it’s also been widely accepted that a disconnected delivery is a bad thing. In many regards, I totally agree – a throwing arm that disconnects away from the torso during late arm action is definitely an issue. However, “disconnection” is the perfect word to describe a very important part of the delivery – how the glove arm works to initiate rotational angular velocity around the trunk.

We call this phenomenon positive disconnection, and it looks like this:

(The animated GIF is from this Weighted Baseball Throwing: Pivot Pickoff Throws video that demonstrates a drill we do with the TAP Weighted Balls.)

Done correctly, this drill shows how the glove arm initiates rotational momentum. In lower-level throwers, the […]

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Michael Pineda, SLAP Tears, Forcing a Change-Up, and Pitching Mechanics

Did forcing Michael Pineda to work on his change-up cause his shoulder injuries?

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