Michael Pineda, SLAP Tears, Forcing a Change-Up, and Pitching Mechanics

Did forcing Michael Pineda to work on his change-up cause his shoulder injuries?

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Rant: Why I Can’t Stand Doctors

I can’t stand doctors, or the medical profession in general. Good physical therapists that understand the need for strength training as a vital part of rehabilitation (and prehab) are exempted, but pretty much everyone else in the industry bothers me to no end.

Recently while training the Olympic lifts, I caught a power snatch poorly and hurt my non-throwing wrist. The next day, there was significant pain while doing anything with it – including typing. I taped it and it relieved some of the pain, but not all. There wasn’t inflammation in the area, and it didn’t seem to be discolored, so I figured it was a bone bruise or possibly a hairline fracture.

As days went by, the pain subsided – I could pitch but couldn’t swing a bat (which was a bummer, since I love to hit) for my fall league baseball team. It was easy to see what specific […]

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