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In-Gym Pitching

Increase velocity, command the zone, and throw nasty pitches


Increase velo and strength with individualized programming.

Pitch Design

Make your worst pitch—and your best—better in the lab.


Motion capture and biomechanics will be used to analyze movement patterns during the throw.

In-gym training available in Kent, WA


Pinpoint your most impactful deficiencies, and develop a plan to attack them with a motion capture.

Our motion capture lab measures the position and velocity of every body part throughout the throw with research grade accuracy.

Gold-Standard Strength And Conditioning

Learn your strengths and weaknesses through our force plate and range of motion assessment.

Work on a plan built for you to improve specific physical deficiencies holding you back.

On-site Physical Therapy

Every athlete is assessed by, and has daily access to, our full-time physical therapist to monitor and reduce individual risk factors.

Communication between the Pitching, High Performance, and PT teams keeps you focused on what you need to improve your performance.

Get world-class coaching that’ll help you throw harder, execute better pitches and achieve more

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