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With No Commute

Train with experienced coaches, get yourself ready to dominate at the next level

World Class Training


1-on-1 monthly meetings with your trainer

  • Set quantifiable, stretch goals
  • Discuss realistic progress, and future projections


  • Yearly training plan
  • Mirrors the in-gym Academy training
  • Training plan is molded to fit each athlete’s schedule and training/playing history
  • Programming accommodations based on your training space and equipment


  • Collecting throwing velocity often, not just on velo days
  • Collecting swing data w/ Blast: bat speed, attack angle, etc
  • Goals are set objectively, leveraging the metrics we can track, driving aggressively towards improvement and longevity

Fun athletic training using Long Term Athletic Development Model

  • Enforcing athletic habits
  • Using games/fun challenges to drive engagement and enthusiasm

Regular trainer communication

A direct line of communication to a trainer with a vast knowledge of baseball from a playing and technical perspective.

Data tracking and Analysis

Full access to our proprietary software TRAQ to receive your training programming, record velocity and store training videos to keep track of your progress over time.

Customized to fit you

When your schedule gets hectic with the events and obligations life throws at you, your trainer will make sure your training fits as efficiently as possible.





“He had no programming experience whatsoever, and had never been on any sort of travel team and have always been sort of against it. He picked it up right away, it also melded with his brain as far as being able to follow some sort of prescribed daily schedule to go through. It was really helpful getting into TRAQ, he could start doing the plan and seeing gains from it. It was super, super valuable for him; laying things out how you did.”


Father to Jack

“Totally invaluable to have a trainer that we can bounce things off of. That we can send videos, or pictures, or ask questions asynchronously; but be able to get feedback quickly. We can take video, send Blast data and get feedback from someone who’s more of a professional than I am.”


Father to Christopher


Tyler Smith

I first started with Driveline as an athlete in the summer of 2019 when I went out to train after my freshman year of college. From there I continued to work with Driveline as a remote trainee until returning in the fall of 2020 when the new facility opened. During my second time out at Driveline I got the opportunity to start working with the Driveline Academy, working with various teams as well as the Long Term Development Group. My playing career started at Monroe Community College in Rochester, NY where I pitched for two years.

Logan Moose

I first started with Driveline when I was still playing. I trained in Seattle starting in January of 2018. I was there on and off until I stopped playing in the summer of 2019. I started working with Driveline on the youth side pretty soon after that in the fall of 2019. I’ve been with the Academy Online program since its early days as Youth Online Baseball Development! In the early days I was the only trainer. I’ve had the chance to see the program grow and become what it is as Academy Online with multiple trainers and new athletes every day!

Cade Johnson

I first became involved with Driveline in June 2020 after graduating from Purdue University. I started as an athlete myself, training to continue my career. I am still playing and pursuing my dream spending the 2022 season playing professional baseball overseas in Europe. I began working for Driveline in September 2020. I’ve held many roles in my time with Driveline, but currently I serve as the Lead Business Associate and Academy Online Trainer.