“” The R&D Team - Driveline Baseball

The R&D Team consists of four departments:

Baseball Operations: Responsible for researching and building baseball related insights and tools to evaluate and assess athletes at all levels of the game.

Data Science: Responsible for maintaining databases, generating insights from Driveline’s wealth of data, as well as creating reports and dashboards for both skill coaches and business departments alike.

Software: Responsible for building and supporting the systems used by data-driven coaches and players.

Sports Science: Responsible for evaluating and researching training methods and advising coaches on implementation.

The Driveline Baseball R&D team is also supported by other employees and internal contractors. Additionally, we have an informal advisory board of orthopedic surgeons, expert biomechanists, kinesiologists, quantitative analysts, and exercise scientists we consult with on a regular basis to guide the mission of the department.

Kyle Boddy: 
Director of R&D

Alex Caravan:
Vice President of Business Operations

Garrett York:
Director of Software Engineering

Max Engelbrekt:
Director, Product Management – Software

Joe Marsh:
Principal Engineer

Kyle Wasserberger:
Principal Sports Scientist

Nic Chapa:
Product Designer, UI/UX

Jorge Diaz:
Software Engineer II

Sam Kishline:
Software Engineer II

Michael Capobianco:
SAAS Technical Lead

Nathan Wick:
IT Engineer

Gretchen Pouch:
Sports Scientist I

Luisa Gauci:
Baseball Technology Coordinator

Vicram Kotecha:
R&D Engineer

Marek Ramilo:
R&D Quant Analyst

Josh Hejka:
R&D Analytics Intern

Alex Eldridge:
Sports Science Intern

Hannah Edwards:
Sports Science Intern

Clayton Thompson:
Sports Science Intern

Nick Meyer:
Sports Science Intern

Jason Hashimoto:
Sports Science Intern

Jackson Lambert:
Baseball Ops Intern

Csaba Nagy:
International Contractor

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