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Elite Team Package


Save $68 when you buy the set.


Our recommended kit for teams using our 8-week Get-Started training program.


Team Starter Kit includes:

-4 sets of Leather Weighted Baseballs for catch play and high-output throwing

-4 sets of 5kg Leather Wrist Weights, our daily warm-up tool

-6 sets of PlyoCare balls, our everyday throwing balls

-3 Driveline Recovery Mini-Trampolines



A Get-Started Weighted Ball Program

Ready to improve your team’s arm fitness and throwing mechanics?


The team starter kit has everything you need to get started. Your kit comes with enough PlyoCare balls for everyday training, wrist weights for arm mapping and fitness, and weighted baseballs to execute a practice for a pitching staff of 10-14.


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Comes with a Free Get Started Program


Our free starter program is great for athletes 14+ who have not trained with overload balls before. It features 3-4 days of throwing per week and can be used year-round. You can start with this program as an introduction before either coming to Driveline to train or training with us remotely, through one of our programs or books.


It is a complete on-ramp program with warm-up, training, and recovery drills listed. Don’t let lack of a plan stop you from getting started.


Starter Program Preview


The starter program is emailed to you upon purchase. It includes:

-A basic template to get your team started well…and common mistakes made when on-ramping.

-A clear warm-up, training and recovery plan, along with specific rest days.

-Pictures and drill videos so you can compare your drill mechanics.

-An 8-Week Training Plan that combines physical assessment with detailed sets and reps.

-A plan for off-season, in-season and mound work.

No Money Drill

No Money: Post-Throwing Recovery Drill


Wrist Weight Series

Warm-Up: Wrist Weight Series


The Driveline Baseball Team Package includes the following products:

Leather Weighted Baseball Set – 4 sets

-Six different balls (3 oz, 4 oz, 6 oz, 7 oz, 9 oz, 11 oz)
-Underload and overload training for maximum effectiveness
-Flat seams and natural leather maintain the same feel of a game ball during training
-Brightly colored seams and markings for easy identification
-Highly durable
-Premium stitching with leather covers

Driveline PlyoCare Balls (6 sets)
Black: 2000g (4.4 lb)
Green: 1000g (2.2 lb)
Blue: 450g (~1 lb)
Red: 225g (~8 oz)
Yellow: 150g (5.3 oz)
Gray: 100g (3.5 oz)

Leather Wrist Weights – 4 5kg sets

  • -Flexible and balanced to comfortably fit the wrist.
  • -Sold as a set. 5kg set is two (2) 5kg weights. 
  • -Durable stitching allows these weights to withstand ballistic throws. 
  • -Treated leather material is easy to clean.

Additional information

Weight 150 lbs

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