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Opening Day Sale: Youth Practice Games

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This book contains 47 games, revolving around the Skills that Scale, skills we’ve identified to help youth baseball improve and give them the best chance to keep playing year after year.

  • Learn the philosophy behind the Skills that Scale and why we structured these games like they are
  • 12 Hitting Games designed for players to have fun while working on their bat speed, contact quality, and approach
  • 11 Pitching Games focused on how to make catch play and bullpens more engaging
  • 8 fielding Games to work on the basics of fielding and where the ball needs to go
  • 5 All Team Games on ways that you can be creative will less than a full team or introduce competition without performing a full scrimmage
  • 11 Strength games that can be played with equipment you have or can bring to a field. Teaching kids the positives of working out while having fun doing so.

Youth coaches and parents are faced with a difficult task: improving the performance of youth baseball players while understanding that baseball is a game of failure. Baseball can be fun, but more often than not practices are constructed around trying to reduce failure rather than maximize fun and skills that can help them now and in the long term

The cost of not solving this is high. Practices aren’t fun, performance doesn’t increase and youth athletes are left wondering if they want to keep playing at all.

This book enables coaches to bring what they’ve learned to the field, with plug-and-play games that can increase engagement while seeing kids improve.

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