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Rapsodo Pitching 2.0

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Design your perfect pitch with the Rapsodo Pitching Unit and Rapsodo Cloud. Our unit and intuitive, easy-to-use app provides instant data on pitch velocity, spin rate, true spin rate, spin axis, and spin efficiency as well as strike zone analysis, horizontal and vertical break, 3D trajectory, and now release information. See any pitch from side, top, pitcher or catcher views, and track progress over time with historical and statistical analysis to ensure that you or your athletes are getting the most out of the arm.

The Rapsodo Pitching 2.0 measures the impact of spin on every ball and shows the actual flight of a pitched baseball, calculating the corresponding trajectory of the same pitch without spin.

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  • Portable Pitching Monitor engineered for baseball and softball
  • Rapsodo Computing Engine (RCE) with 5g WiFi for fast processing
  • Indoor/Outdoor capability
  • Proprietary radar and camera system for pro-level data accuracy
  • Protective Tank with sloped face guarantees player safety by eliminating ricochet
  • Industrial construction, tested with direct impact (100 balls at 100+ mph), guarantees long life/ ability to withstand the toughest line drives
  • Compact design allows for easy portability from field to facility


1) Rapsodo Camera and Radar Monitor

2) Rapsodo Computing Engine (RCE)

3) Rapsodo Protection Tank

4) Monitor and RCE Carrying pouches

5) Charger and USB Cable

6) Free app

What is new with the Pitching 2.0 Unit:

  • The Rapsodo Pitching Monitor makes the move to the Tank in 2.0
  • The Rapsodo Computing Engine (RCE) uses a 5g WiFi network for a more robust solution
  • The RCE also provides faster processing time gets you the data faster than ever
  • Groups have been added to improve player management by switching player profiles with one click
  • Advanced Cloud for Pitching now offers advanced analytics to compare and evaluate a player’s individual pitches and his arsenal to see how those pitches play off each other


Ball Flight

  • VELOCITY: How fast a pitch is traveling during flight, measured in miles per hour (MPH).
  • STRIKE ZONE ANALYSIS: Instantly see Strike Zone feedback while automatically tracking Strike Percentage and Heatmap Breakdowns.
  • SPIN RATE: The rate at which the ball spins during flight, measured in rotations per minute (RPM). There is a stronger correlation between spin rate and swinging-strike percentage than between velocity and swinging-strike percentage.
  • SPIN EFFICIENCY: The percentage of spin directly impacting the movement of a pitch. Spin Efficiency is the ratio of true spin to total spin.
  • TRUE SPIN RATE: The spin directly impacting the movement of a pitch. Also known as “useful spin,” it is perpendicular to the direction the ball is traveling, deflecting the otherwise straight horizontal and vertical path of the ball
  • PITCH BREAK: How much a ball has moved when it crosses the strike zone compared to what its position would have been without spin. Break is measured horizontally and vertically in inches.
  • SPIN DIRECTION: The tilt or angle of the baseball from the release point, measured in degrees, created by the Magnus effect. The Magnus Effect is created by the air pressure surrounding the spinning baseball on its path to home plate.
  • 3D TRAJECTORY: The ballflight is show in two trajectories. A dotted line represents what the pitch would have done without spin and the solid line represents the actual movement of the pitch


  • RELEASE HEIGHT: The height of the ball at the point of release
  • RELEASE HEIGHT: The height of the ball at the point of release
  • RELEASE SIDE: The distance away from the center of the rubber from the left (-) or the right (+)
  • HORIZONTAL ANGLE: The horizontal angle the ball was released out of the hand from the left (-) or the right (+)