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Rapsodo Hitting 2.0

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Actionable, accurate, real-time hitting data.

Rapsodo Baseball helps you get better: hit by hit.

Rapsodo Baseball Hitting Unit is a ball-tracking tool that gives you instant data on exit velocity, exit launch angle, exit direction, spin rate, spin axis, and 3D ball flight, allowing you to make immediate optimizations and improvements in your swing.

*Cloud subscription sold separately

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  • Portable hitting monitor engineered for baseball and softball
  • Indoor/Outdoor capability + Front/Back-of-plate placement
  • Proprietary radar and camera system for pro-level data accuracy
  • Easy-to-use app wirelessly connects to both iPad and PC
  • Video playback for hitting mechanics insights

What’s included:

1) Rapsodo tracking device

2) Rapsodo Computing Engine (RCE)

3) Ground protection tank

4) Tripod with carry bag

5) Charger and usb cable

6) Free app


  • Video playback for hitting mechanics insights
  • Mount device on provided tripod 7ft behind home plate
  • In-app creation of player profiles for ongoing monitoring of player performance
  • Instant data feedback allows coaches and players to swing design in a single session

What is new with the Hitting 2.0 Unit:

  • New Tank for easier setup and calibration
  • v2 of the RCE moves to a 5g WiFi connection reducing lag time and possible EMI
  • Faster processing time gets you the data faster than ever
  • Groups have been added to improve player management by switching player profiles with one click
  • Advanced Cloud for hitting now offers advanced analytics like Hit Classifications and Hit Outcomes

Front Position Protective Cage – INCLUDED

  • Sloped face guarantees player safety by eliminating ricochet
  • Industrial construction, tested with direct impact (100 balls at 100+ mph), guarantees long life/ ability to withstand the toughest line drives
  • Compact design allows for easy portability from field to facility