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Driveline Differential Command Training Baseball Set


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Small Variations. Big Challenge.

-QUALITY. Seam height and leather quality feels just like a game ball. Train like you compete.

-PROPRIOCEPTION. Two stimuli, size and weight, train proprioception and learn to deliver balls to the target.

-PROGRESS command on all of your pitch types with a tiered progression.

-DEVELOP consistent feel for all of your pitches.

Recommended age: 14+


  1. Differential Command Training Balls


Our differential command training balls have slightly altered sizes and weights. To throw strikes when training, pitchers will have to constantly adapt to slight alterations in size and weight. This dramatically improves pitching accuracy and strike percentage.

By learning to command these small variations, a pitcher learns a much more stable and consistent release point over time.

Our differential command training balls are +5% and -5% of the size of a standard MLB ball, as well as +1oz and -1oz.

Design a More Challenging Bullpen

By giving your pitchers a new challenge and new objectives, coaches can create challenges that engage pitchers during “boring” bullpen or side work. With a program in hand, pitchers have a plan for exactly how to make progress towards throwing more strikes, missing smaller, and executing better.

“The environment the balls created was challenging in itself…normally something I would have to manufacture with volume and emotional energy. I could save that and focus it on more productive places…which is huge.”

-Demetre Kokoris, Pitching Coach, Point Loma Nazarene University

Comes With Our In-House Command Program

Our differential command program is great for athletes 14+ who are wanting to take bullpen/flatground work to the next level and comes free with purchase.

The program is tiered and periodized to make sure that all athletes (high- and low-feel alike) have a challenging stimulus during their program. The program is designed to integrate directly into your current bullpen program and is executable in 10-20 pitches.

Upon purchasing the set, you will get programming sent to you via email.

How Do the Command Training Balls Feel?

The seam height is comparable to a college ball or a nice high school ball with a slight raise. The leather is genuine and compares favorably to new game balls.

One set includes the following white leather command weighted baseballs:

Lettering and seams are unique by the ball for easy identification.

  • 4 oz. -5% Size Baseball – Light Blue Lettering and Seams
  • 4 oz. +5% Size Baseball – Yellow Lettering and Seams
  • 5 oz. -5% Size Baseball – Dark Blue Lettering and Seams
  • 5 oz. +5% Size Baseball – Orange Lettering and Seams
  • 6 oz. -5% Size Baseball – Purple Lettering and Seams
  • 6 oz. +5% Size Baseball – Red Lettering and Seams
  • (+ Only) 4oz. Regulation Baseball – Dark Blue Lettering and Seams
  • (+ Only) 6oz. Regulation Baseball – Orange Lettering and Seams

Comes with the Driveline Warranty

We provide 365 days of coverage from the date of your purchase on all products we manufacture. See details Driveline Warranty Details.


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