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Required Equipment

Skills That Scale

  • Programming: Individualized programming according to age groups that consist of hitting, throwing and strength to assist the player in multiple skills as they continue to get bigger, faster and stronger. 
  • Group Zoom Meetings: Bi-Monthly meetings with the team and the coaches, so that questions can get answered and coaches can see you do the drills and help correct them.
Gamification Data Tracking Train as a Team
Having hitting and throwing games within the training keeps it fun and engaging. Climb our leaderboards as we track scores and compare these scores to other online academy players of the same age.  Full access to our proprietary software TRAQ to store hitting, weight room, and other data to analyze progress over time. Being remote can be lonely. With the online academy you can feel a part of a community and team to help you push through training. 

Other Requirements

There are some requirements to be a part of the online academy so that we can offer the player the best environment to develop and have fun!

  • Compliance: completing the workouts and showing up to the meetings is a big part to the academy’s success and the players’ development.
  • Equipment: There is certain equipment that the player needs to have so that we can optimize the program and so that no player is at a disadvantage when it comes to training.  You can find the required equipment bundle linked above.


Three important expectations for them are: Communication, compliance, participation(attendance).

  • Communication: communicating the players practice and game schedule is very important for the trainer/coach. They can adjust the programming based on the information that is given them. This will help keep the player healthy and prepared to practice or perform at their best.
  • Compliance: players are expected to do the workouts that are assigned to them on the given days. HOWEVER this is why communication is key because schedules do change and programs will need to be altered. We want the player to have a high compliance percentage to completing the workouts and filling out the surveys.
  • Participation: this is mainly for the zoom calls. Being able to participate in the zoom practices will be key for the player’s performance and also the parents’ understanding on what we look for when we coach. It also allows “face to face” time with the trainer, as well as occasional Q&A.