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Axe Bat Wood Bazooka Bat

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The Bazooka Bat takes our Long Bat, and Overload bats to the next level. This bat weighs in at roughly 50oz and is designed for stronger college and professional hitters.

  • IMPROVE your rotational sequence with the 34″/50oz Bazooka Trainer
  • PROVIDES immediate feedback for how to move more efficiently by forcing you to generate bat speed from the ground up, using the larger segments in your hips and legs
  • AXE HANDLE – Patented Axe™ Handle provides a more stable grip, so you can swing faster and with more control

The Bazooka Trainer is a 34″/50oz wood baseball bat. This bat being so heavy allows the hitter to use their larger body parts in the swing, swing more connected, and not let the hands launch too early.


Introducing your newest training tool: the Bazooka Trainer. A staple in our program for improving swing mechanics and hitting the ball harder. It is great for:

Teaching Proper Sequencing

  • At 50 ounces heavy, the Bazooka Trainer is heavier than any of our training bats, making it more difficult to swing. To move this heavy implement efficiently, the hitter must keep their hands back, while opening up the hips and torso to create space for the hands and bat to travel through the hitting zone. Creating space cannot be achieved without proper sequencing, and swinging the Axe Bazooka Trainer promotes just that.

Barrel Precision

  • The additional weight of the Bazooka Trainer teaches the hitter to deliver the barrel with their body, instead of their hands, putting them in more powerful positions at contact. The extra weight makes it very easy to “dump” or “lose” the barrel in between first move and contact. Because of this, hitters develop a heightened focus on the ball-bat collision.

Bat Speed Development

  • Overload/Underload training is a proven training methodology for increasing bat speed. Similar to our Axe Bat Speed Trainers, the Bazooka Trainer is an additional overload training tool to help aid in bat speed development for stronger hitters.


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