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Do you struggle to let the ball travel? Do you have trouble elevating the low pitch or often feel “disconnected” at contact? The Axe Bat Short Trainer will be a great tool for you. Coming in at 28″/31 oz, the short trainer provides many different benefits:

  • POSTURE – Learn how to adjust to pitch height with your posture and not by manipulating your wrists
  • CONTACT QUALITY – Improve your smash factor by making flush contact deeper in the zone
  • UPPER BODY CONNECTION – Sequence properly with your upper body, and stay “connected” while rotating the barrel
  • BAT PATH – The shorter barrel length will magnify mis-hits and help to clean up any bat path issues

This product comes with 4 variations of a 12-week program: in-season beginner, in-season advanced, off-season beginner, and off-season advanced. These programs are specifically designed to help improve all of the swing characteristics listed above. Order your Axe Bat Short Trainer today! Pairs great with the Axe Bat Long Trainer and a set of Driveline Mini Hitting PlyoCare™ Balls


Introducing the new Axe Bat Short Trainer – this 28 inch, 31 ounce alloy training bat is the perfect complement to the Axe Bat Long Trainer. Powered by Driveline Baseball programming, the short trainer is an excellent tool to help with:

  • Adjusting to pitch height with posture
  • Making flush contact at deeper points of contact
  • Staying “connected” or in a powerful position at contact

The Axe Bat Short Trainer comes with 12 weeks of in-season and off-season programming and is a great compliment to our Mini Hitting PlyoCare® Balls.

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