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Train. Recover. Pitch. Repeat.

The Marc Pro EMS recovery tool has changed the game for athletes at Driveline Baseball.

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Driveline encourages pitchers to train hard and train often.

To get the most out of our training, we developed a lot of in-house methods to improve recovery and our pitchers’ ability to perform well daily.
That was 2013 and we believed we were doing the absolute utmost to keep our pitchers healthy and training hard.

And then we used the Marc Pro

You’ve probably seen us talk about the Marc Pro EMS device on Twitter or YouTube videos, but might not know exactly how we’re using it…


The Marc Pro has improved training outcomes for athletes at Driveline Baseball.

It is the most-used piece of equipment we have–and it isn’t even close. Our pitchers spend 15 to 60 minutes per day on a device beginning the recovery process for the muscles in their arms.

Flexor-Pronator Endurance is CRITICAL!

Research shows that the flexor-pronator mass protects the ulnar collateral ligament (UCL, Tommy John ligament) and helps to dynamically stabilize the elbow in the pitching delivery. While we target these muscles in the forearm using wrist weights, overload implements, and other trade secrets, the Marc Pro can help here in a HUGE way.

Since the Marc Pro has been shown to help with strength gains/reduction of fatigue and significantly improve future blood flow mechanisms, it’s the perfect training modality to help in two areas:

  • Acute: Immediately for use post-throwing to flush the local lymphatic system and improve blood flow to the area (in this case, the flexor-pronator mass).
  • Chronic: For repeated use over time to effect change in the specific areas desired.

One Athlete’s Story

Our eyes were opened when one of our clients began training here with significant arm pain.

He was considering medically redshirting at a local junior college. Not only would he lose significant development time but he would be tagged with the “prior arm injury” status that would cost him some looks at the next level.

In-season and presenting with pain, active training methods were not an option.

He came in four times a week and used the Marc Pro for thirty minutes a day. Nothing else. His pain subsided. He threw a full season at his junior college, and well enough to be picked up by a D1 team.

We were blown away—and purchased two more units for use in the facility. Fast forward to today and we now have 8 units in-house.

Who Uses It?

At least 27 of the 32 teams in MLB use the Marc Pro for pre/post-throwing, and there is solid research on how it reboots your recovery system. 

We have done our own EMG-based research on the Marc Pro, and elbow stability improves when using it post-throwing for just 15 minutes!

How Do We Use It?

All of our pitchers in the MaxVelo program (14+) use the Marc Pro for at least 15 minutes after training, on both throwing and non-throwing days. We use a special configuration of the pads to target common areas of fatigue in pitchers: flexor pronator, biceps and anterior shoulder.

If you are training hard or throwing often, add the Marc Pro to your suite of recovery options.

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