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Hitting League

Driveline Academy

Get more at bats in 1 hour than you do in
a whole weekend of games.

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Hitting League

$30/per player

Play Simulated Games Using HitTrax

  • See real hit distance and result of each swing
  • Measure exit velocity and launch angle
  • Learn about your hot/cold zones

Game-Like Pitching With Spinball Machine

  • Face game-like velocity
  • All pitch types and spin rates
  • LHP or RHP

Own Your Data

  • Hit by hit metrics
  • Formatted and easily exported
  • Send the data to colleges for recruiting

Spinball Machine

Get game-like swings off of the Spinball iPitch, facing high velocity and a variety of pitch types. Experience the Driveline Environment first hand.

In Game Feedback Loop

HitTrax provides hitters with the real result of every swing, in addition to measuring exit velocity, launch angle, strikes/balls, and more.

Post Game Data

Get emailed all of the post contact data that HitTrax records for training and/or recruiting!


competitive environment

Own Your Data

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