Seasons are cancelled. Driveline’s own Seattle facility is shut down until May 4th. Spring without baseball is rough–but hopefully baseball’s collective, aggressive action will save lives down the road.


Our warehouse remains open and will continue to ship orders.


Please continue to stay safe and follow the guidelines from the CDC


For coaches and players who want to continue training online or continue learning, we’ve made some free resources. 


And what isn’t free is steeply discounted–from now until there are baseball games. 


Stay safe and be well,

All at Driveline Baseball

Free Resources:


All Schools:


Free Team Accounts through June 15th (Unlimited Athlete Accounts). We have cancelled the 30-day restriction. Sign up for a Free account here: https://tracking.drivelinebaseball.com/register  


All Athletes:


Train yourselves using Driveline’s programming by creating an “Athlete” account. Sign up for an individual Athlete account here: https://tracking.drivelinebaseball.com/register

We have free throwing and bat speed programs, along with drill sheets that athletes can use: 


Free 8-Week Throwing Program

Intro to Youth Arm Care and Training

Free 6-Week Hitting Program

Driveline Drill Cheat Sheet

Wrist Weight Drills

Discounted Resources 


Certifications and Programs:


If you were thinking about doing a certification this summer or fall, we are offering a discount while seasons are cancelled.

30% off all courses, certifications, and Hacking the Kinetic Chain books – use coupon code 30percent (expires when baseball resumes play)

Foundations of Pitching is now online-only. Every other week Zoom classes (Tu-Th TBD Time). There will not be an in-person certification event for the foreseeable future. 

If you are interested in our 3 main courses, Foundations of Pitching, Foundations of Hitting and Pitch Design Certifications, we bundled them here.


If you are an affected coach or player and purchased one of these courses on March 13 or later, email us for a discount to be retroactively applied. 



TRAQ – train your team remotely


Coaches are forced to train their teams remotely now. Schools in this position can now use TRAQ’s full-access account (all integrations and unlimited athletes) for free through June 15. 

For a TRAQ Dedicated Account Specialist: $199 One of our associates will walk you through the software, answering any questions you may have. We will advise on best TRAQ practices and make sure you are ready to implement TRAQ right away. Sign-up here: https://drivelinebaseball.as.me/Software

New Training Facilities: 50% Off Monthly Facility Pricing through June 15th. Full TRAQ Access (Unlimited Trainer accounts, Unlimited Athlete accounts, Link your Athletes to our Baseball Tech Integrations). Sign-up here: https://drivelinebaseball.as.me/Software


Online Training:


Updated & Discounted Online Training 


For athletes who are affected by a season cancellation, we are discounting our online training for both hitting and pitching. 

We’ve also upgraded it with new tools to analyze your swing and arsenal–the same ones used in-gym. 

Hitting + Pitching Online Training will be offered at $99 per month until July 1st for athletes who have suspended or cancelled seasons. 

Updates include:

1-on-1 Training – Coordinated via TRAQ, our training software. 

Remote Pitch Design Recommendations – Athletes send in Rapsodo data, receive recommended arsenal and feedback on how to make necessary changes (similar to what one receives in an on-site Pitch Design Session)

Remote Blast Recommendations – Athletes send in Blast data, receive evaluation and report on how data relates to in-game performance with supplemental graphics/feedback to boost training effectiveness

Online Training Credit – If you’re signing up now, we’ll credit any money spent on remote training against an assessment in 2020.

Driveline equipment not required. You can start with only a baseball.