Demonizing Weighted Balls – A Review of Criticisms

A common line of argument against training with weighted balls goes something like this: “Weighted balls only train the arm. Good pitching training trains the athlete to use the whole body to accelerate the arm to the target, minimizing injury risk.” This line of thinking makes some fundamental assu...


Efficient Front Leg Mechanics that Lead to High Velocity

The lead/stride leg in pitching is rarely understood correctly and is often analyzed from a baseball-specific viewpoint. Unfortunately, the best throwers in the world are not baseball pitchers, so to truly understand how the lower half properly works, we need to get out of our comfort zones to disru...


Crow-Hop Weighted Baseball Throws for Velocity Development

One of the bigger staples of our velocity development program are maximum intent throws to a net using weighted baseballs. This is something we prominently feature on our social media accounts and it gets a ton of attention! When we uploaded this video of Casey Weathers throwing 103 MPH (later eclip...


The Reinvention of Casey Weathers Part 2 – The Importance of Arm Health

“It’s no joke to try to get yourself from 95 mph to 100 mph in one offseason.” The Bump in the Road When we wrote, previously, about Casey Weathers, his troubles after Tommy John recovery and his return to baseball after two elbow surgeries, the piece ended on a hopeful, positive note – a free...