Online Pitching with Driveline Baseball

With Driveline Bridge Online Pitching you will continue to receive customized throwing, lifting, and mobility programming all via TRAQ, our proprietary tracking software. This is where all direct communication, collaboration, and video analysis between you and our training staff would live. We’d be able to monitor your workload, volume and intensity, track your progress, and adjust your programming accordingly.

Who This Program Is For

  • Athletes who have ​2-5 hours each day to train, and can execute a training schedule 5-6 days/week.
  • Athletes who are able to communicate effectively with trainers – letting us know your schedule, letting us know if it changes and answering questions from trainers in a prompt fashion.
  • Athletes who track their workouts – we expect compliance when it comes to completing workouts, entering weights during strength training and other information necessary for our trainers to evaluate their progress and adjust programming accordingly.

If you put in the time and effort, are compliant and communicate, we can help you get better. If any of these requirements seem daunting or not a good fit for you currently please consider some of our other training options. If you want to proceed please read and initial the following form:


Training with Driveline is a large commitment. Our expectations and compliance requirements for online trainees will be no different than for those athletes that train in the facility. You will be required to make a substantial commitment to training. What is expected of you and what you can expect from us is outlined below.  Please read the following carefully as the below explains the compliance requirements and standards that must be met and are expected. By initialing below you agree to meet these throughout your online training or be subject to subscription cancellation.

Requirements To Start Training

  • ALL trainees must have regular access to a place to lift weights and execute the strength programming outlined by their trainer. This means the athlete has access to a facility where he can perform squats, deadlifts, bench press and accessory exercises. A basement with 25 pound dumbbells is not acceptable. 
  • ALL trainees must have access to a place to throw on a regular basis. This location or facility must allow for the athlete to potentially throw plyocare balls and get in some form of long toss. This can be indoor or modified long toss.
  • ALL trainees must be cleared to throw, lift and perform baseball activities. This is not a rehab or return to throwing program. If you are coming off of an injury you MUST be cleared by a doctor of physical therapist to throw without any restrictions of any kind.
  • ALL trainees must be 12 years of age or older and prepared to dedicate 1-4 hours of training 4-6 days per week for the majority of their online training. If this is not something that can be executed on it is likely this program is not going to be the correct fit for you.
  • ALL trainees must have access to a working email that is checked regularly. It is imperative the athlete handle communication with trainers. If the athlete has an email and a phone, he must be the one primarily handling the communication.

What To Expect With Driveline

  • We will not train you with drills that we have not tested. Each drill has a purpose for inclusion in the program.
  • You will be part of a community of athletes who are working hard to get better. We take pride in the workman culture that the gym fosters and want that to continue for all athletes on our online training platform. Jabronis, bad-attitude guys, and slackers are not welcome and are subject to exile from training at Driveline or online.
  • We are invested in you. We want what’s best for your long-term development. Driveline spends very little money on marketing. We spend comparatively a lot of money on R&D to continue to find new ways to make your program better. Athletes achieving results is our best marketing.
  • We are working hard to improve the program. We want to continually refine the program to get athletes results in the most time- and resource-efficient manner possible. We have 3-5 ongoing experiments running at any time. You may be asked to participate in one of them. If you are selected we will lay out the possible risks and benefits of said experiment. You are by no means required to participate but this research allows us to gather data which we can use to improve the programs of all Driveline athletes.

What To Expect From Your Trainer

  • Your trainer will be handling all of you strength, mobility and throwing programming for the duration of your online training subscription. Our high performance staff will work with them when necessary when programming mobility and strength programs. Programming will be designed to develop you long-term and will be individualized based on age, skill level, strength, mobility, deficiencies, etc.
  • Your trainer will have the ability to track your compliance daily. He will be able to see when you have marked workouts as complete, inputted any required throwing data, marked strength workouts as complete and if you entered in weights for each exercise.
  • Your trainer will uphold a 48 hour turnaround time with communications. This will include text, email and chat feature through TRAQ. Phone calls will be at the discretion of your trainer only.
  • Your trainer will be OFF on Sundays and will only be available at their discretion. Sundays will not count towards the 48 response time commitment.
  • Your trainer will also not be available or responding to communication Monday through Saturday during the hours of 10am to 1pm PST as they will be working on the training floor with in-gym athletes. 
  • Your Trainer will provide video feedback on remote tests and retests within 48 hours of being notified by the athlete that videos have been uploaded. Your trainer will also be available to do one additional video review every two weeks between retest periods. Any further video review will be at the request and discretion of your trainer.

What We Expect/Require From You

  • Treat our staff and their time with respect. This goes without saying. Being disrespectful is grounds for dismissal, pure and simple.
  • Own your program. We can’t be at the field or in the gym with you. You have to know what you are working on and focus on improving it to have success. This means knowing what your workout is every day and using TRAQ properly.
  • Compliance is 100% required. Your trainer has absolute discretion to cancel your online training subscription at any time for not complying with the above or for failing to comply. There will not be a warning of any kind as this document is the warning. Your trainer’s job, above making you better, is to do what is best to keep you healthy and monitor your overall training economy effectively. If you cannot comply with the above it puts that at risk and your subscription will be terminated.
  • ALL workouts (strength, throwing, mobility) must be marked complete within 24 hours of that workouts completion. 
  • ALL strength workouts that require weights to be inputted must be completed and inputted within 24 hours of the workouts completion.
  • Any throwing related inputs (i.e. velocity readings) that the athlete can input and has the means (i.e. radar gun) to input must be inputted within 24 hours of the workouts completion.
  • ALL workouts that require video submissions (tests/retests) must be shot in slo-mo and landscape mode. The test and retest videos must be uploaded to TRAQ under the media tab no later than 48 hours after the completion of that workout.
  • Trainees are required to watch all video content associate with workouts and drills as well as the educational content provided during the first week of their online training subscription.

Trainees will be required to provide their trainer with any type of game and practice schedule as far in advance as is possible if they are in-season or in a competition phase (travel ball, showcases, etc.). Furthermore, trainees will be responsible for updating their trainer regarding ALL  games, practices, showcases, tryouts, etc. Trainers are typically programming in 4-week blocks so it is imperative for trainees to notify trainers of any events weeks in advance to the best of their ability.

I have read, understand and will comply with the above. I understand by filling out the below form that I any failure to comply with the above at any time during the online training program can result in my termination from the program. Payments are not refundable if an athlete has his training subscription cancelled due to fail compliance