“” Teams with cancelled seasons get TRAQ S + Support for $199

Teams with cancelled seasons get TRAQ S + Support for $199

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Continue to develop your athletes during this tough time by utilizing Driveline’s player development software, TRAQ.

For those in the baseball community who’ve seen their prospects of a 2021 season taken away, we want to help.

As pitching trainer Spencer Medick, wrote so eloquently in last year’s version of this blog, a cancelled season can turn into a great opportunity for players, coaches, and programs alike. To that end, we cannot think of a better resource to enhance this opportunity for the baseball community than our player development software, TRAQ.

High school or college teams with cancelled 2021 seasons can get TRAQ S for the onboarding fee of $199 or TRAQ X for $299 through August 31.


While advantageous in numerous settings, TRAQ is especially helpful for high school and college programs that are serious about player development. TRAQ allows for workout programming, data centralization, and gives athletes the ability to take control of their careers.

TRAQ comes with free Driveline workouts, templates, and resources that can be used to help athletes enhance their skill set during this extended out-of-season period.

It serves as a central location for workout programming, data collection (including Rapsodo, Blast, Diamond Kinetics, Hittrax, and many others), and media storage. Furthermore, TRAQ offers resources to directly utilize athlete data, in the form of custom dashboards and athlete goals, and even a custom suite of Driveline EDGE tools (for TRAQ X users).

So, how can this help me?

All of the aforementioned details sound great, in theory, but how can they help a coach and his players who’ve just lost out on a 2021 season?

Let’s run through a scenario of how TRAQ could help a program during a cancelled season:

1. Sign up for TRAQ

2. Import your roster all at once

3. Explore our included workouts + make your own

4. Program athletes:

5. Set athlete goals

6. Track progress (Workout TRAQer, data inputs, platform data, media files)

7. Re-assess progress and determine next phase

If you decide you’d like to continue with TRAQ S or TRAQ X for the 2021-2022 school year, we will apply the On-Board towards this subscription. If you are already paid for a TRAQ S or TRAQ X subscription before your 2021 season was cancelled, please email [email protected] so we can evaluate your situation.

Please fill out the form if you’d like to take advantage of this special offer and development opportunity:

***This offer is exclusively available for high school and college teams that have their 2021 baseball season cancelled: TRAQ S is available through August 31st, 2021 for a $199 On-Board fee. TRAQ X is available through August 31st, 2021 for a $299 On-Board fee. 

Why TRAQ S? Unlimited athletes, full access to tech integrations, custom data inputs + assessments, unlimited trainers

Why TRAQ X? All of the TRAQ S features, EDGE advanced reports, custom datasets

Comparing the different TRAQ options for High School and College Teams

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