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Driveline Baseball Podcast episode 23: On this weeks episode of the Driveline Baseball Podcast we have part 2 of the Trevor and Warren Bauer interview. In part 2 Kyle and the Bauer duo explore what baseball will look like in the near future as tech integration plays a bigger role inside the professional ranks as well as the players responsibility for improving themselves. Hit the links below to give part 2 a lesson. This week we also bring on our Technical Project Manager Michael O’Connell to discuss a recent study published by American Sports Medicine Institute, Birmingham, AL. What does throwing harder mean for pitchers long term health and what is the risk and reward that comes with higher velocities? Found out in episode 23.

Episode Resources:

Trevor Bauer: To see more of the work Trevor has done with cameras over the years check out his Youtube page for some interesting videos. Trevor has also Co-founded a company called WatchMomentum that tells players stories and allows athletes to express themselves how they see fit. To see some of these stories click here

Edgertronic Cameras: Wanna learn more about how we use these cameras? Check out some of the blogs we have written to get the most out of this tool here. Or check the Edgertronic development kit we sell on our site.

Sunday Thunder-Nuggets: You can check out the study discussed this week by clicking here

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