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Free Interval Throwing Program / Return to Throwing Program for Pitchers

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Most interval throwing programs out there are very conservative and don’t have enough intensity in them at the end periods to adequately build up to throwing flat grounds and bullpens with all your pitches. Furthermore, there’s not enough ballistic and plyometric activity to really build range of motion and arm strength.

I reviewed a bunch of these from my pro athletes and told them all I’d write them an interval throwing program, and decided that I might as well make it openly available to everyone, since I’m sure others are suffering from the same problems!

Interval Throwing Sample

How to Use the Free Interval Throwing Program

You’ll need our free Ballistic Training eBook that has all the videos and descriptions of the exercises, so go ahead and get that first:

Ballistic Training Program – FREE eBook

(furthermore, that eBook is something you can use AFTER the interval throwing program, if you so desire)

Then, after that, go ahead and download the free interval throwing program on Google Spreadsheets:

Free Baseball Interval Throwing Program for Pitchers

Many of the videos of the exercises – as well as some other great velocity development content – can be found on our YouTube channel.

Any gear you’ll need to complete the program – such as our PlyoCare balls – can be found on the Driveline Baseball Online Shop.

Driveline PlyoCare Balls

We hope you enjoy it!

Not sure which training program is right for you? Schedule a time for a Driveline trainer to call you.

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  1. Chris stine -

    I have a 13 year old who just had his first fall season on the big field. He did very well. However, i would like him to continue to get stronger and increase his velocity. I want him to protect his arm. He was out about a year and a half ago for about 14 months with elbow issues. He rehabbed & came back throwing very well. Do you have a program for him?
    I also have a 10 year old who is also a pitcher. He also does very well. Would you have a program for him. Let me know. Thanks


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