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Hacking the Kinetic Chain – Book Trailer from Driveline Baseball.

Driveline Baseball is proud to announce our new book of Hacking The Kinetic Chain: The Complete Guide to Training High-Velocity Pitchers.
The book is a complete reference for building high-velocity pitchers, a manual for how we train pitchers who throw hard, accurately and safely.

Each drill and training modality has been tested in the Driveline Sports Science Lab. We kept only the best for the book. If you are looking for a high dose of extremely effective drills to train pitchers, Hacking The Kinetic Chain is your guide.

What’s in The Guide?

  • Overview of the Driveline System
  • Assessing the Body: Starting from Scratch
  • Pitching Mechanics: Developing a Deeper Understanding of Movement
  • Mobility and Activation: Pre-Throwing and Post-Throwing Training
  • Strength and Conditioning: Physical Preparedness
  • Throwing Program: Developing Healthy Velocity and Efficient Mechanics
  • Programming Cycles: Putting it All Together
  • Nutrition and Supplementation: Fueling the Body

What is included with the purchase?

  • A copy of Hacking The Kinetic Chain: coil-bound and UV coated, perfect for taking with you to train and easy to reference
  • Electronic Version of Hacking The Kinetic Chain: easy to reference as a PDF file
  • Video Library: all of the movements, drills and lifts shot in high quality and downloadable
  • Workout Guides: actionable guides and programs to get started hacking your own kinetic chain

Pre-Orders are being offered a big discount but only until December 16th.

Get a copy today!

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