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The Dynamic Pitcher: Finally Launched

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I can’t say how excited I am to finally launch this product which was spoiled on the Driveline Baseball Newsletter. This book and video set has been the culmination of years of planning, work, research, and experimentation, and to finally launch it represents a huge milestone in my life.

The Dynamic Pitcher

The Dynamic Pitcher focuses entirely on youth pitching training (ages 8-15) and has been in high demand by our readers and fans. For more information, you really have to check out www.thedynamicpitcher.com, but here’s a quick snippet of what’s included:

  • Book #1: The Dynamic Pitcher
  • Book #2: The Dynamic Pitcher Workout Guide
  • Video Set #1: The Dynamic Pitcher Training Videos
  • Plus two HUGE bonuses you have to see to believe
  • A full, six-month, no-questions-asked guarantee

Thanks to everyone who made this a possibility!

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