Pro Baseball Summit (2013) Review

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Last week we had a handful of our pro clients in the facility to learn about how we’re using high-speed video, two types of weighted ball training, and a new mechanical model on pitching. It was a huge success and a ton of fun, and our high school clients got to work out alongside of guys like Trevor Bauer, Jack McGeary, and Ryan Chapman to get their input as well:

Pro Guys

We shot TONS of high-speed video of our drills and exercises, including wrist weight work:

Trevor Wrist Weights

TAP ball throws with mechanical cueing and drills for increased efficiency:

Jack TAP Balls

And lots of studying of the video afterwards!

Pro Studying

I couldn’t be more happy with how it all went down, and I’m looking forward to doing it again next year! We hope you’ll join us and learn a lot more about mechanical efficiency, durability, training, and tons of other topics that I’ll talk about in my Driveline Baseball Elite Velocity Development book and DVD set coming out in 2014.

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