We're Moving to Puyallup!

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Yup, we’ll keep this short and sweet until we take pictures of the new facility.

We are moving to the building formerly known as Clubhouse 71 in Puyallup, WA. It has 20,000+ square feet of usable space and is being transformed by legendary hitting coach Mike Brooks (GM of Team Northwest). Our share of the building will be about 3,000 – 4,000 square feet on the 2nd level of the building, and most importantly, will beĀ entirely ours! No sharing space with anyone except for the few times Mike or I will be running a seminar/clinic where a common room with office space is desirable.

I can’t stress enough how exciting this is for our business, and I have many, many more announcements to make over the next week or so. Driveline Baseball is going to continue to dominate the Elite Velocity Development market with what we already do well, and supplementing it with a bunch of new products and services that I’ve been working hard on in the background.

Our grand re-opening is slated to begin on Tuesday, October 1st – join us!

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