Stuff to Read: 4/5/2011 (Tim Collins)

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Eric Cressey posted about Tim Collins over at his site, and you simply must read about his journey to the big leagues. He talks at length about Tim’s dedication to training, what he looked like when he came in (scrawny and unathletic), and how he got to where he is today (a fireballing lefty in one of the best bullpens in the majors).

My favorite part is here:

More importantly, this athleticism directly carried over to increased throwing velocity and pitching performance. In 2008, he jumped up to 87-89mph. In 2009, it was 90-92, and 2010, he was 92-94 – while reportedly touching a 97 on the stadium gun. Oh, and entering the 2011 season, Tim had a career ERA of 2.26 in 223 professional innings, – with 329 strikeouts (13.3 per 9 innings). And, he just turned 21 in September.

Tim Collins

Too awesome. A really great story that everyone should read – shows how training hard and eating plenty of food can bring that fastball velocity up and help you achieve your dreams. Size be damned.

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