Random Stuff: 1/31

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Sometimes we can be a little aggressive in our Pitching Program with medicine balls:

Medicine Ball - Ruptured!

These things will happen!

Other random news bits:

  • High school tryouts are just three weeks away!
  • We got some new equipment in: Farmer’s Walks! Check out a video of me putting them through their paces while my athletes heckle me.
  • The ASMI study on long toss vs. mound pitching biomechanics has been published. I’ve read the entire full-text article and will be making a post on it in the future after I do some more research. It’s very interesting, and the abstract doesn’t do it justice.
  • Speaking of studies, we’re putting together our own study for youth pitchers aged 11-16. It will be an 18 month study led by myself and Matthew Wagshol, and will be the first large project that the Driveline Biomechanics Research non-profit (pending license) will be undertaking. If you live in the Seattle area and are interested in participating, please keep an eye out. For your participation, you may receive heavily subsidized or even free pitching lessons, cage time, training, workout planning, and kinematic/kinetic analysis pacakges. More information will be available as this project develops over the next few months.

Lessons and spots in our semi-private training groups continue to fill up, and batting cage time is harder and harder to come by as the baseball season approaches. Get in touch with us soon to secure some time!

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