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Great news: Driveline Baseball will be moving all of its strength and conditioning equipment into the NSBA facility at 8512 20th Ave NE in Seattle! There is ample room in the facility to set up our full suite of equipment, and we’re extremely excited to announce the start of what will be an excellent partnership between Driveline Baseball and North Seattle Baseball Association.

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What you can expect from this partnership:

  • The lowest rates for batting cage time in the Seattle area – as low as $20/hr without bulk purchasing plans required!
  • Use of a fully-equipped strength and conditioning facility.
  • Free classes being offered to Seattle-area coaches and instructors on how to set up proper resistance training programs for youth athletes.
  • On-site computers that track your workout progress and allow you to review your standard and high-speed video files.
  • Low-cost weight training sessions and workout programming assistance.

We’ll also be permanently setting up our kinematic analysis equipment at the NSBA facility to improve turnaround times when developing high-speed video and finishing your kinematic reports.


Here’s a comprehensive list of the strength and training equipment you will soon find at the NSBA / Driveline Baseball facility:

  • Full power cage with straight chin-up / pull-up bar (appropriately knurled)
  • Deadlift / Olympic lifting platform (rubberized surface)
  • High-quality barbells and dumbbells
  • Kettlebells in varying weights
  • 1000+ pounds of iron plates
  • Bumper plates in varying weights for Olympic and “quick” lifts
  • Medicine balls in various sizes and weights
  • Weight sleds, sledgehammers, tires, push-up bars, and other general physical preparedness (GPP) equipment
  • SPRI resistance bands in all tensile strengths (including O-bands for specific scapular work)
  • Jumpstretch bands for X-band walks, assisted chin-ups/pull-ups, Pallof presses, other core work
  • Inflatable swiss exercise balls for core and mobility¬†work
  • Foam rollers for self-myofascial release
  • Massage table for initial assessment use and stretching demonstrations

We’ll be sure to keep you updated with progress (and pictures!) of the facility as it’s coming along. If there’s strength and conditioning equipment that you want but don’t see, please leave us a comment and we’ll definitely take a look into it!

It’s an exciting time to be working with or training at Driveline Baseball. Off-season and in-season training programs are available, though room is running out as we partner with the NSBA and sign up their athletes! Contact us today to get started immediately.

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